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Sudbury Primary School


Subject Leader

Ms. Hussain

Curriculum Purpose

Our curriculum advances children’s knowledge of the world by embracing the rich diversity of our school community to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of modern life.

Curriculum Rationale

At Sudbury Primary School, we teach Science discretely within a Project theme. We ensure that knowledge is repeated throughout the projects to promote long-term retention of key knowledge. We aim to inspire our children to become knowledgeable of the world around them, and we do this through planning engaging and progressive lessons and activities.

The sequencing of projects ensures that children have the knowledge and vocabulary to comprehend subsequent projects fully. Each project’s place in the year has also been carefully considered. For example, projects that involve growing plants or observing animals are positioned at a suitable time of year to give children the best possible opportunity to make first-hand observations.

The knowledge-based curriculum makes links with other areas of the curriculum e.g. DT. For example in Year 3, the projects Plants Nutrition & Reproduction and Light are linked with the design and technology project, Greenhouse. This allow for children to embed their knowledge (knowledge of the in new and often real-life contexts.

Science is taught throughout the year and we take advantage of clear links across the curriculum to ensure children learn, know and remember more. Pupil knowledge is tested using end of unit quizzes.  

Curriculum Map

Science Curriculum Map

Progression Map

Science Progression Map




Please find a list of fun science websites with cool ideas for experiments at home! 

The link below is for a website called EXPLORIFY and it gives your child an opportunity to enhance their Science learning and really gets the pupils thinking like scientists. There are many different activities for all of the topics your child will be learning throughout their Sudbury life. It is free to sign up to access all the resources. Please have a look at home and have a go working through some exciting activities with your child.