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Sudbury Primary School

Hear from our Pupils

Diyan – Year 2 Pupil

There is so much for us to do at Sudbury Primary School. My favourite lessons as Computing, PE and Science because they are interactive with games and experiments. Outside my lessons, I really like attending Crafty Fun Club where I made my own puppet! I also love baking and cooking, so much so that I would like to run my own bakery in the future! I am proud to have taken on roles of responsibility such as being a Pupil Leader, Table Monitor and a Class Buddy to support a new child starting in my class.

Nadayah – Year 2 Pupil

I have been on some exciting trips so far at Sudbury Primary School such as Odds Farm Park to feed the animals and the Sky Garden in London where we got to go in an elevator that went up into the sky! My favourite lesson is Maths because I get to learn about numbers and how to answer questions using different strategies. The teachers at Sudbury Primary School are really nice, supportive and funny too! In the future I would like to be a dentist or a gymnast.

Keyan – Year 3 Pupil

We get to try lots of different experiences at school. My favourite was when I became a baker for the day at the Wenzel’s factory in Year 2 – we baked lots of bread! I also really enjoy participating in sports such as football and cricket to stay fit and healthy; plus I would like to become a professional footballer one day. My favourite subject is English because you can be creative with inventing lots of stories for other people to read.

Amira – Year 3 Pupil

My teachers have been incredibly supportive and have helped me grow in confidence whilst at Sudbury Primary School. I have enjoyed being part of the KS1 choir, learning new songs and signing in front of an audience. It has inspired me to be a performer when I am older. Our teachers also make learning fun. My favourite subject is Computing because I like learning about and using technology.

Aarav – Year 4 Pupil

My experience at Sudbury has been full of opportunities. I have most enjoyed the school trips such as to the Welsh Harp to learn about the Stone Age and to the Hindu Temple. This year, I became a College Councillor which allowed me to meet with other pupils to discuss ideas and changes for our school. I also participate in cricket and dodgeball clubs after school which are very fun. When I am older I would love to be a professional cricketer.

Alice – Year 4 Pupil

I feel so lucky to be at Sudbury Primary School. I have been on exciting trips such as to Legoland, made many friends that I can rely on, and experienced fun lessons. My favourite subject is RE because we get to learn about different religions and cultures. I am proud to have been invited to have tea with the Headteacher four times for embracing new challenges and never giving up, and for being kind to others. In the future, I want to be a doctor to help people and save lives.

De’Andre – Year 5 Pupil

The people at Sudbury Primary School are all lovely – there is always someone you can talk to and trust. I have made lots of new friends since starting in Year 3. The teachers are very enthusiastic and are always eager to teach us more. My favourite subject is PE because I get to learn new skills and face new challenges to overcome. When I am older I want to be a Police Officer to help make the world a better place.

Kashvi – Year 5 Pupil

My experience at Sudbury Primary School has been incredible. I have loved our teachers so far and think it is great that we have so many specialist teachers too; I have enjoyed the various trips that give us extra information around our learning; and I have been a College Councillor where I have been involved in improving the school. Our lessons are challenging – I love Art because you get to learn new techniques to make things with different materials. Then you get to take what you made home!

Rian – Year 6 Pupil 

There is a wide range of activities for pupils to get involved in at Sudbury Primary School – from interesting lessons to school trips and after school clubs to different leadership roles such as being a Peer Mediator, Eco-Warrior, Digital Leader and Head Boy/Girl. I love that learning is practical as well as book based. My favourite subject is Science because of the exciting experiments. I am thankful for everyone in the school helping and supporting me every step of the way.

Amarah – Year 6 Pupil

My time at Sudbury Primary School has been spectacular! I am extremely grateful for all the help and support from my amazing teachers who have encouraged me to work extremely hard. I am also thankful for all the sports opportunities I have had. I want to be a professional netball player or a ballet dancer when I am older because I am an active individual and find both sports interesting and fun. My highlight has been being a Peer Mediator because it helped me to understand about people’s emotions. In addition to this I have love the feeling of solving a friendship problem and seeing people reunite because it brings me pure happiness knowing I have helped them.

Mahi – Year 6 Pupil

I have had an exceptional experience at Sudbury Primary School – there are too many highlights to choose from! I have had fun learning new skills at the Commando Joe’s workshops and showing off my talent during Sports Day. In class, I have had amazing lessons in Science, Geography and swimming. Then there have been so many trips to learn more outside the classroom. For example, I have been to the Science Museum, Gurdwara and Woburn Safari Park. I want to become an artist or a doctor when I am older because I like to paint and help people with injuries or diseases.

Mario – Former Pupil (Y7)

Although I still have time to decide, for now, I would like to be a commercial pilot in the future. I have made many great memories at Sudbury thanks to the range of trips we have been fortunate enough to go on, the interesting subjects such as Maths, and the opportunities to take on leaderships roles such as being a Librarian or College Councillor.

Aisha – Former Pupil (Y7)

The amazing teachers here at Sudbury have helped me to reach my goals that I once thought would be impossible to achieve. They are understanding as well as caring and make lessons challenging yet exhilarating. In the future I strive to be a professional architect as I have always been fascinated by drawing and designing.