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Nursery Curriculum Map

Dangerous Dinosaurs

In the Dangerous Dinosaur project, your child will find out about prehistoric animals that lived on the Earth. They will learn facts about dinosaurs and discover how big some of these giant creatures were. Nursery will learn about the difference between carnivores and herbivores.

Supporting your child at home:

  • Go onto the Natural History Museum website and look at interesting facts about dinosaurs together.
  • Go to the CBeebies Dinosaurs website and explore the games and videos together.
  • Look up interesting dinosaur facts to share with the class.
  • Share and discuss the Knowledge Organiser.

Puddles and Rainbows

This mini project teaches the children about the weather in Spring and allows them to explore natural phenomena, including rainbows. It supports them to explore colour in the natural world.

Supporting your child at home:

  • Walk in your local environment and talk about the changes that have happened since winter.
  • Go on a colour hunt and find objects of all colours of a rainbow.
  • Watch the weather forecast together and make note of the different weather through the week.
  • Go outside on a rainy day and find puddles to jump in.