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Nursery Curriculum Map

Sunshine and Sunflowers

In the Sunshine and Sunflowers project, your child will explore their local environment and see how it has changed throughout the year. They will grow flowers, fruit and vegetables in the garden area, and learn how to care for plants and animals, identifying some different types. Nursery children will take part in outdoor learning activities and find out how to stay safe in the sun.

Supporting your child at home:

  • Grow some quick growing plants together, such as salad leaves, radishes or cress.
  • Plan and go on a picnic.
  • Go on a local walk and talk about the changes that have happened to living things throughout the year.
  • Share and discuss the Knowledge Organiser.

Shadows and Reflections

In the Shadows and Reflections project, your child will learn about natural phenomena, including shadows, reflections, and echoes. Nursery children will find out how shadows are formed and how they change shape and size through the day. They will explore how different materials and surfaces reflect light.

Supporting your child at home:

  • Find objects from around the house in which you can see your reflection.
  • Draw around shadows outside and see how the shape and size of the shadow changes through the day.
  • Explore places to hear echoes, such as in tunnels, under bridges and in large open-plan rooms.
  • Share and discuss the Knowledge Organiser.