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Sudbury Primary School


Subject Leader

Ms. Hasmukh & Mrs. Etan

Curriculum Purpose

Our curriculum advances children’s knowledge of the world by embracing the rich diversity of our school community to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of modern life.

Curriculum Rationale

At Sudbury Primary School, we teach Geography discretely within a project theme. We ensure that knowledge is repeated throughout the projects to promote long-term retention of key knowledge. We aim to inspire our children to become knowledgeable of the world around them, and we do this through planning engaging and progressive lessons and activities (Engage, Develop, Innovate, Express). We are fortunate at Sudbury Primary School to work and learn alongside adults and children from across the globe and we draw upon this rich diversity to enhance our learning further.

Our curriculum incorporates learning about our local area, and makes links to the world around them. For example, Year 2 have compared and contrasted Wembley and Whitby, making both historical and geographical comparisons and differences. Year 5 have studied modern farming techniques in the U.K, comparing this with coffee farming techniques in Peru.

Geography is taught throughout the year and we take advantage of clear links across the curriculum to ensure children learn, know and remember more, for example testing the children with quizzes at the end of a unit they have been studying. 

Curriculum Map

Geography Curriculum Map

Progression Map

Geography Progression Map

Geography Enrichment


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