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Sudbury Primary School

Chrysalis Multi Academy Trust

We are proud to be a founding member of Chrysalis Multi Academy Trust

Chrysalis Multi Academy Trust was founded in 2017. It is a MAT for local schools and we have exceptionally high ambitions for anyone and everyone we work with. Currently, we have joined with Sudbury Primary School.

Our vision

Excellence: appointing the best staff who are innovative, skilled and whose enthusiasm for facing the challenges of education in the 21st century is unparalleled, and to continue to provide opportunities for continuous professional development for all our staff.

Responsibility: provide a safe and secure environment where individual learners thrive as confident, independent citizens, who are accountable and reflective about their actions and decisions.

Respect: fostering genuine community cohesion and a set of traditional values based on discipline, respect and compassion, where we value the unique contributions of parents and carers and the wider community.

Aspiration: providing a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum through innovative and quality teaching, strengthened by our exciting and all inclusive approach enabling us to be at the forefront of educational development.

Perseverance: providing challenging and rigorous standards of academic achievement, enabling pupils to make choices for future learning based on a range of academic and applied skills.

High-quality education is the heart of everything we do at Chrysalis and within our own school, Claremont High. This is because we know that an outstanding education unlocks the potential of all learners and provides them with a wealth of opportunities, regardless of their backgrounds or their individual starting points. We believe that every young person, irrespective of where they came from, their ability or personal needs, is deserving of a world-class education experience at Chrysalis By ensuring that every young person is given this opportunity we can enable them to achieve their full potential and to prepare them to be successful in adult life and in an ever-changing world.

Contact Details

Chrysalis Multi Academy Trust

Company number: 07557868

Claremont High School Academy
Claremont Avenue

Tel: 020 8204 4442

Fax: 020 8204 3548

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