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Sudbury Primary School


The rings of Saturn are well-known for being one of the most impressive sights in the Solar System. Saturn College is similarly impressive, as its remarkable mixture of enthusiasm and hard work ensures that their members (pupils and teachers) always go the extra mile! You can truly hear the Saturn College pupils ‘Roar’ every time they take on a challenge of any kind, as they always give their all and compete to win.

Saturn College members embody their College animal, as they all have the heart of a lion and look after all of the other members of their ‘pride.’ Furthermore, the members of Saturn also embody each of the School Values and, when not in competition, they all aim to work in harmony with the other Colleges of the School, for the betterment of all pupils.

‘A Minimo Usque Ad Magnum’ is the motto of Saturn College, and its members demonstrate that no matter your age or size you can reach greatness, as long as you set your mind to it and believe to achieve!

College Song

Hall of Fame by The Script

College Planet


College Animal


College Motto

A Minimo Usque Ad Magnum
From The Smallest To The Greatest

College Leader

Mrs O'Connell