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Sudbury Primary School

Hear from our Parents

Nasrin, Year 1 parent

Sudbury is an extremely warm and welcoming school, with approachable and friendly staff and Headteacher. The support they provide has been invaluable for my children’s development and learning.

Mirela, Year 1 parent

Sudbury Primary School was recommended to me by other parents who said it is a very good school with great achievements – I can safely say it is! I am very happy to have chosen the school for my son who loves coming to school. The teachers are caring, kind and patient – they support each child to achieve their full potential.

Fatima, Year 2 parent

Sudbury Primary School not only has academia at its heart, it also nurtures and cherishes every child. This is evident in the fantastic attitude of teachers, the visibility and approachability of the Headteacher and SLT, and the effort staff and parent volunteers go in order to provide enriching experiences.

Ashleigh, Year 3 and Year 1 parent

When I was choosing a school for my eldest, I was pleased to find warm, friendly and encouraging teachers as well as polite students. The biggest plus was that when it was time to leave, I had a battle on my hands as my son wanted to stay and play with his new friends. Now, my youngest son never wants to come home and can’t wait to go back to school after the holidays. Sudbury’s strengths are the inclusion of every pupil and parent that comes through its doors – they acknowledge, accept and every child and their needs no matter how big or small.

Tahreem, Year 3 parent

Being an ex-pupil myself, Sudbury has always been very close to my heart. It was a natural choice for my child. The Headteacher and staff are all amazing and incredibly welcoming. Pupils are pushed to do as well as they can and are encouraged to take part in the many extra-curricular activities and events on offer. My highlight as a parent has been being part of the PSA – it has been very rewarding organising events and seeing the delight on the children’s faces.

Luigi, Year 4 parent

All four of my children have attended Sudbury Primary School and have thoroughly enjoyed their time here. It has been a delight to see them excel from Nursery right through to Year 6 and beyond. I would definitely recommend the school because the staff are all welcoming, approachable and committed to ensuring children reach their full potential; there is a large variety of after school club activities; and communication between school and home is exceptional. My highlight as a parent so far has been getting involved in the Parent Staff Association, working with fantastic similar minded parents, staff and members of the community. It is a very rewarding role being involved in various events to raise funds to enhance and enrich the children’s learning.

Suki, Year 3 parent

My daughter loves attending school. She speaks highly of her class teachers, the Headteacher and her peers. Her development, wellbeing and happiness has clearly been a priority for the school of which I am very grateful. The school genuinely care for the children.