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Here at Sudbury, our class teachers love to teach science! Pupils will be provided with opportunities to carry out practical experiments and apply their knowledge of science to the real world. They will be covering the New National Curriculum and linking their learning to the themed spiral curriculum wherever possible.


Pupils will be regularly assessed after each topic.


Below is an outline of what each child will cover during their time at Sudbury Primary.


Term Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Theme Healthy Living Back in Time Environment/ Sustainability Countries Project Everyone a Reader World of Work
1 Animals including humans Animals including humans Everyday Materials Seasonal Changes Plants Plants

Animals & Humans

Growth & Hygiene

Materials Forces Habitats Plants Electricity

Animals & Humans -

Exercise & Nutrition

Plants Plants Rocks and Soil Light and Shadows Forces & Magnets

Animals & Humans - 

Teeth & Digestion

Food Chains

Animals & Humans - 

Teeth & Digestion

Food Chains

Sound Living Things and their Habitats States of Matter

Electricity -

Circuits and Conductors

5 Earth & Space Properties and changes of materials Animals including humans Living Things and their Habitats Forces Working Scientifically
6 Humans including animals Humans including animals Electricity Light Evolution and Inheritance Working Scientifically


National Science week will be commencing 13th March and we will be holding a science day in May.


Pupils should be encouraged to revise science through the BBC website:


Please find a list of fun science websites with cool ideas for experiments at home! 





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