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Welcome to Sudbury Primary School Academy. Our mission statement ‘Working together in harmony to develop confident, well-educated learners with healthy minds and bodies, who are independent, resilient, motivated and committed to lifelong learning’  reflects our aspirations for our students to work together and be the best that they can be and this applies to every student who attends our school.


These are the values that are celebrated and upheld across the academy so that students of all ages enjoy learning and developing the skills they need to achieve even more success through their transition to High School.


Our modern world class learning environment is exceptional having benefitted from an investment of millions of pounds over the past few years enables the school to provide an outstanding music suite, exclusive drama venue and a nature garden to name just a few.


Teaching and learning at Sudbury is outstanding and this is something that we are very proud of because it is this that makes such a difference to the engagement and success of all our learners.


Assessment of children’s progress and attainment is fundamental to providing relevant and challenging education. Teachers use daily formative assessment to plan the next steps in learning and to differentiate learning within their class. Children become a part of this process as we ask them to regularly reflect on their achievements and acknowledge their progress and targets. Teachers and pupils use a range of methods to do this in every day classroom practise. We know that children (like adults) are able to achieve more when they are aware of what they have learned and where they need to improve. Teachers ensure that this process is purposeful and managed appropriately so that children feel confident when taking their next steps.


We are continuing to create opportunities for staff, pupils and our partner community groups to engage in a vast range of enrichment and learning activities that ensure our positive learning environment.


Greatness comes with hard work and challenge, dedication and perseverance, and sharing the journey of success with others over time.


Here on our website are just a few of the things that you will find as you enter our doors. They cannot do justice to the calm, purposeful environment and warm welcome that you will receive if you can find the time to visit us in person.



Mrs Beth Ragheb


Sudbury Primary School