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Hello, welcome to the Sudbury Primary School Inclusion area. We are a fully inclusive school, and proudly hold the Inclusion Quality Mark for the second time. We strive to provide for all our pupils, regardless of need and prior attainment, working in partnership with families, and Brent Local Authority.

The Inclusion Quality Mark Assessor, in June 2012, highlighted:

  • “Inclusion is a big part of everyday life in our school” (Year 6 Teacher)
  • “It feels like a team effort- parents and teachers working together” (parent of pupils in Reception and Year 3)
  • “Sudbury Primary School provides a broad range of interventions and support, and is consistently reviewing and evaluating provision, to ensure the needs of all children are met”  (External Inclusion Assessor)
  • “The teachers are really good, they really support you if you have problems” (Parent of SEN pupil)


Inclusion means:


  • Special Educational Needs: pupils who need a range of learning support: including learning needs, physical needs, speech and language needs etc.
  • EAL (English as Additional Language): pupils who need help to access the school curriculum in English.
  • New Arrivals: pupils from other Brent Schools, other schools in England, other UK schools or from schools in other countries. We support them to settle in quickly and confidently, and access our curriculum.
  • Gifted and Talented: we recognise the specific talents of these pupils, and provide for them both within class, and through extra curricular activities.


We are very lucky to have specialist teachers in art, PE, drama, science & music, in addition to peripatetic support in music. This ensures pupils have a chance to shine in a range of areas of learning.
We run a Parent Support Programme, and Learning Support Unit, to provide for pupils with needs outside the classroom. Through provision maps, we tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of pupils, including learning Basic English, accessing Speech and Language Therapy, providing access to formal learning through role play, drama, small group activities etc.
All programmes involve close dialogue between school and family, leading to accessible programmes for all.
SEN pupils at Sudbury Primary School make above average progress in reading, writing and maths.